Giving Back

Giving back, or paying it forward, is a credo I’ve lived by for as long as I can remember.

It’s not simply that it feels good in the moment, it’s that it feels good forever, whenever you look back and remember the good you did.

It may be a small thing, like giving someone a few pounds for their shopping or car park fee when they are a little short, or it may be something much bigger.

It doesn’t matter how big the gesture is, it’s the gesture itself that makes us and the other person feel special and connected.

Given the year 2020 was and 2021 continues to be, feeling connected and feeling like someone has our back, is more important than ever.

The hope is that it makes a difference, and if we’re lucky, that moment is recreated by the person we’ve helped, who then helps another, and so the process continues. It doesn’t always happen that way but the more we do it, the more likely it is.

It’s amazing how a small gesture can have an enormous impact on someones day and even their entire life. Whilst it’s great when these serendipitous moments occur, I want to actively create more of these moments instead of waiting for them to happen.

To that end, I’m starting a proactive serendipitous search to help people get started or move further forward in their business.

kev ashcroft giving back

There will be two aspects to my giving back here:


This will be open to four individuals every six months.

One hour per month, per mentee, to help you work through your new business or your existing business.

Voice or video call directly with me to support you and provide the accountability that can be a huge driver in making us succeed.

Website design, hosting and support

The purpose of this is to help provide a professional online presence for a startup or an existing business/organisation that needs to build their online foundation and/or present themselves better.

The website my team will create for you can be built on over time. You can add e-commerce, a forum, live chat/facebook chat, videos, blogs and much more.

We’ll provide you with guides so you can add, edit and fine tune your website as you and your business grows.

There is no charge, there is no catch!

So spread the word please. Send a note to anyone you feel may benefit and they can complete the application form if they are interested.

One person per month selected for the website and four people every six months selected for the mentoring.

Applications will be considered from 1 January 2022.

    You should whitelist the domain in your email system to ensure you get the notification email.